Things to do in Nottingham (when you're finished)

Here are a few suggestions and information sources for those of you who will be in Nottingham for the Saturday night after ECCM. Also, if you are a visitor to the UK then Saturday might provide an opportunity to visit some nearby places which are only a couple of hours travel from Nottingham.

If you would like any specific information about anything which is not covered on this page then drop me ( an e-mail.



A Saturday night in Nottingham offers a lot. A couple of years ago Nottingham was described by the Guardian newspaper as 'the Milan of the Midlands'(!) and does much to live up to this reputation.

Nottingham has a range of activities and here are a few suggestions. Information on the location of most of these places can be found in the registration pack but feel free to ask.

Eating out (and drinking out)

Nottingham has the full range of price and choice for your dining or dancing pleasure. The best resources are Frank's Guide to Nottingham, the Nottingham City site, and just to ask one us at the conference who live here about your 'user requirements'.


There are several cinemas covering arthouse ( the Broadway) and mainstream; in town there is the ABC (note: at this link and some phone directories it is listed as the MGM) and Odeon and out of town ( but walking distance from campus) is the Showcase multiplex. For those of you who want to relive student days there is the Savoy; probably the only cinema I know that still has an intermission with an usherette selling ice-cream from a tray and an advert offering the services of the upstairs bar for a half-time tipple.

To gather information about what's showing click on the links or buy the Nottingham Evening Post, which has listings.

Theatre and music

There are 3 venues in town; the Royal Theatre, the Royal Concert Hall and the Playhouse. There is also the University Arts Centre with the Djangoly Recital Hall ( note: if you are attending the tutorials, or just have some time to spare, this is an excellent place to pop for lunch or browse through the Art Gallery)-

Playing on Sat, 4th April

The Playhouse - 0115 9419419

The Royal Theatre - 0115 9895555

The Royal Concert Hall - 0115 9895555

Nottingham University Arts Centre - 0115 9514756

Further afield........

Obviously, there are a whole number of places for you to get to from Nottingham with only a couple of hours travelling. I am working on the principle that, if you are visiting from abroad, you will be going by public transport. Two places to visit that are high on the list are Stratford and London amongst others .

Stratford on Avon

There is a little information here about Stratford on Avon, home of the bard. It is fairly near Nottingham ( just the other side of Birmingham) and can be accessed by train.. In particular, it is the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company who have three theatres in Stratford. On Saturday, April 4 there is

The link above has booking information.

Should you want to know about accommodation then look here.

There isn't a whole load of useful Stratford information available on the net but if you want to have a search for yourself then this will get you straight to the the Infoseek search links on Stratford.

The other place where the Royal Shakespeare Company perform is...........


The train journey is a little under 2 hours and on a Saturday afternoon there is one every hour. It takes a similar length of time by car to the outskirts but driving around London is not for the faint hearted.......or sane!

The Royal Shakespeare Company play at three theatres in London. On 4 April there is

Go to the link above for booking information.

And London has everything you could wish to do. some much so there is little point trying to cover it all. The is a whole range of theatres and concerts of with every type of show and performance - some of these are booked out till 2000 and some you can get seats for that night. Below are some resources BUT if you are heading down there, then head to a good newsagent ( e.g. WHSmith in Nottingham town centre and at the station) and buy yourself a copy of TimeOut. This is the complete listings guide, updated each week, for what's on and availability - very useful.

Virtual London

Welcome to London

London Guide

Everywhere else

To get anywhere by rail have a look here. This is the web site for Britain's (somewhat dubious) rail service. Journeys between the major cities can be excellent but a journey involving too many connections can become something of an odyssey. You can find out times and destinations from this site. If you fancy the bus then the Campus travel centre will have time tables. Sometimes the bus can be slow but, if you are on a budget, it is cheap and for some destinations ( Sheffield, Birmingham) it is quick.

Other places that can be accessed in 2 hours or under are

*- denotes similar time for bus as for road

For information about these places, and others, UK information try here.

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Written by:David Golightly, Department of Psychology, University of Nottingham.