Jul-26 Thursday

07:30 Registration and Light Breakfast

09:00 Welcoming

Wayne D. Gray & Christian Schunn

09:30 Opening Plenary

Arthur B. Markman
The Hidden Face of Representation in Modeling

10:30 Break

11:00 Paper Session: Driving Models

Wayne Zachary
Introduction to *Siegel-Wolf*

*Siegel-Wolf Award Winner for Best Applied Modeling Paper*
Dario D. Salvucci & Kristen L. Macuga
Predicting the Effects of Cell-Phone Dialing on Driver Performance

Robert Feyen & Yili Liu
Modeling Task Performance Using the Queuing Network Model Human

Tei Laine & Virpi Kalakoski
Modelling Taxi Drivers'Learning and Exceptional Memory of Street Names

12:20 Lunch

13:45 Paper Session: Brain

Gianluca Baldassarre
A Modular Neural-Network Model of the Basal Ganglia's Role in Learning and Selecting Motor Behaviours

James A. Reggia & Reiner Schulz
The Role of Computational Modeling in Understanding Hemispheric Interactions and Specialization

Alexei Samsonovich & Giorgio A. Ascoli
Hippocampal Cognitive Maps: An Alternative View

14:45 Break

15:10 Paper Session: Embodied Cognition

Erik Altmann
Introduction to the *Newell Award*

*Allen Newell Award Winner for Best Student Paper*
Michael D. Fleetwood & Michael D. Bryne
Modeling Icon Search in ACT-R/PM

David Peebles & Peter C.-H. Cheng
Extending Task Analytic Models of Graph-based Reasoning: A Cognitive

Niels A. Taatgen
A Model of Individual Differences in Learning Air Traffic Control

Jan Misker, Niels A. Taatgen, & Jans Aasman
Validating a Tool for Simulating User Interaction

16:50 Break

17:00 Symposium

Kevin Gluck (Organizer), Terry Allard, Laurel Allender, Susan Chipman, Ephraim Glinert, John Tangney, Rik Warren
Panel on Government Interests and Opportunities in Cognitive Modeling

18:00 Poster Session and Reception (dinner)

Doctoral Consortium Posters

Regular Posters

Jul-27 Friday

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Paper Session: Language

Steve Croker, Julian Pine, & Fernand Gobet
Modeling Children’s Case Marking Errors with MOSIAC

Rutvik Desai
Bootstrapping in Miniature Language Acquisition

Igor Farkas & Ping Li
A Self-Organizing Neural Network Model of the Acquisition of Word Meaning

Daniel Freudenthal, Julian Pine, & Fernand Gobet
Modeling the optimal infinite stage in MOSIAC: A Generalization to Dutch

Markus Guhe & Christopher Habel
The Influence of Resource Parameters on Incremental Conceptualization

10:40 Break

11:10 Paper Session: Decision-making

Danilo Fum
Modeling Counteroffer Behavior in Dyadic Distributive Negotiation

Alexander A. Petrov
Fitting the ANCHOR Model to Individual Data: A Case Study in Bayesian Methodology

Mark Steyvers, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Richard Shiffrin, René Zeelenberg, & Jeroen Raaijmakers
A Bayesian Model for the Time Course of Lexical Processing

12:10 Lunch

13:30 Paper Session: Memory & Learning

**Runner Up for Newell Award**
Matt Jones & Thad A. Polk
An Attractor Network Model of Serial Recall

Volodymyr V. Ivanchenko
The role of abstract patterns in implicit learning

Christian Lebiere & Frank J. Lee
Intention superiority effect: A context-sensitivity account

Marsha C. Lovett
Modeling Selective Attention: Not Just Another Model of Stroop (NJAMOS)

15:00 Break

15:30 Paper Session: Better Modeling Through . . .

Rui Camacho
Inducing models of human control skills

Gwendolyn E. Campbell, Wendi L. Buff, Amy E. Bolton, & David O. Holness
The Application of Mathematical Techniques for Modeling Decision-Making: Lessons Learned from a Preliminary Study

Rita Kovordanyi
Factorial Modeling: A Method for Enhancing the Explanatory and Predictive Power of Cognitive Models

Simon Levy & Jordan Pollack
Infinite RAAM: A Principled Connectionist Substrate for Cognitive Modeling

Peter Yule & Richard Cooper
Towards a Technology for Computational Experimentation

17:10 Preparation for Dinner

18:00 Buses to Conference Banquet

Jul-28 Saturday

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Paper Session: Problem-Solving

Fernand Gobet & Samuel Jackson
In Search of Templates

Glenn Gunzelmann & John R. Anderson
An ACT-R Model of the Evolution of Strategy Use and Problem Difficulty

Frank E. Ritter & Peter Bibby
Modeling How and When Learning Happens in a Simple Fault-Finding Task

10:00 Break

10:30 Paper Session: Saving the Best for Last

Goh Matsuda & Takashi Omori

Harald Schaub
The Anatomy of Human Personality: A Computational Implementation

Wayne W. Zachary, Jean-Christophe Le Mentec, & Vassil Iordonav
Generating Subjective Workload Self-Assessment from a Cognitive Model

Michael Gasser & Eliana Colunga
Learning Relational Correlations

Carol Whitney
An Explanation of the Length Effect for Rotated Words

12:10 Lunch

13:30 Invited Symposium

Wayne D. Gray (organizer), John R. Anderson, Axel Cleeremans, Stellan Ohlsson, Randy O'Reilly, and Niels Taatgen
For modeling to have a greater impact on psychology we have to . . .


15:15 Business Meeting

Whither ICCM??

16:15 END OF ICCM-2001

16:30 Special Interest Group Meetings

Frank Ritter -- Organizer
Special Interest Group meeting on cognitive modeling of interactive behavior