ICCM-2001 - Fourth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.
Computational modeling has emerged as a central, but complex and
sometimes fractionated theme in research on cognition. ICCM provides
a worldwide forum for cognitive scientists who build such
computational cognitive models and test them against empirical
cognitive data.

The goal of ICCM-2001 is to bring researchers from diverse
backgrounds together to compare cognitive models, to evaluate models
using human data, and to further the development, accumulation, and
integration of cognitive theory. We expect to have researchers from a
wide variety of modeling approaches, including symbolic, production
system, connectionist, Bayesian, dynamic systems, and various hybrid
approaches. We also expect to have work being presented from a wide
variety of domains, ranging from low-level perception and attention
to higher-level problem-solving and learning.

New features of ICCM-2001 include the Newell Award for best student
paper, the Best Applied Research Award, a Doctoral Consortium, and
Competitive Symposia. The ICCM Doctoral Consortium provides an
opportunity for doctoral students to explore their dissertation work
in a multi-approach workshop (the day before the conference) under
the guidance of a panel of distinguished research faculty.
Competitive symposia are submitted symposia consisting of 3 to 6
participants and presenting multiple competitive models related to a
given domain or phenomena.

The research being presented at ICCM-2001 will appear in a conference
proceedings being published by Erlbaum. The proceedings will contain
6-page extended descriptions for paper presentations and 2-page
extended abstracts for poster presentations.

The conference chair is Wayne Gray (gray@gmu.edu), and the local host
is Christian Schunn (schunn@gmu.edu). Sponsors of the conference
include the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval
, Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Effectiveness Directorate, CHI Systems, and
George Mason University. Further information about the conference can
be found at http://hfac.gmu.edu/iccm/ or through email inquiries to