6th annual International Conference on Cognitive Modelling
Ip>CCM 2004 International Conference on Cognitive Modelling ICCM 2004
spacer Representing the Human Mind spacer CONFERENCE DATES: July 30 - August 1, 2004    

ICCM2004 seeks to grow the discipline of computational cognitive modeling. Towards this end, it will provide
  • a sophisticated modeling audience for cutting-edge researchers
  • critical information on the best computational modeling teaching resources for teachers of the next generation of modelers
  • a forum for integrating insights across alternative modeling approaches (including connectionism, symbolic modeling, dynamical systems, Bayesian modeling, and cognitive architectures) in both basic research and applied settings, across a wide variety of domains, ranging from low-level perception and attention to higher-level problem-solving and learning.
  • a venue for planning the future growth of the discipline



Papers (due April 7) and Posters (due June 15)

Papers and posters will follow the 6-page 10-point double-column single-spaced US-letter format used by the Annual Cognitive Science Society Meeting. Formatting templates and examples will be made available on the website. The research being presented at ICCM-2004 will appear in a conference proceedings. The proceedings will contain 6-page extended descriptions for paper presentations and 2-page extended abstracts for poster presentations. Submissions on any aspect of the computer modelling of human cognition are welcome.

Preference will be given to papers that either:

1. describe both a running computer model and its comparison to empirical data -- it will be possible to attach model code and simulation results to the papers for distribution with the proceedings


2. describe modeling methodology and teaching of computational modeling

Comparative Symposia (due April 7)

Three to five participants submit a symposium in which they all present models relating to the same domain or phenomenon. The participants must agree upon a set of fundamental issues in their domain that all participants must address or discuss. Parties interested in putting a comparative symposium proposal together are highly encouraged to do so well before the April 7th deadline and will be given feedback shortly after submission. --> more details...

Symposia on other topics related to cognitive modeling are also encouraged, and people interested in making symposium proposals should submit a description of the planned content and participants via email to iccm@pitt.edu as soon as possible and no later than the April 1st deadline.

Doctoral Consortium (due April 1)

Full-day session 1 day prior to main conference for doctoral students to present dissertation proposal ideas to one another and receive feedback from experts from a variety of modeling approaches. Student participants receive complimentary conference registration as well as lodging and travel reimbursement. Maximum amounts will be determined at a later date. --> more details...