ICCM - Special Interest Group

Language Processing within Cognitive Architectures

An ad hoc meeting to explore interest in establishing a Special Interest Group (SIG) focused on research at the intersection of language processing and cognitive architectures is proposed to occur on Friday, July 30th at lunch during ICCM 2004. The tentative topic for the SIG is “Language Processing within Cognitive Architectures”. Depending on the interests of those who attend the meeting, this topic may be modified.

From the perspective of language processing, the basic interest is in the development of language processing systems that are psychologically motivated and that avoid adopting computational techniques that have no psychological foundation. From the perspective of cognitive architectures, the basic interest is in demonstrating that the cognitive architectures provide the architectural components needed for the development of language processing systems. To some extent, it is expected that the vetting of cognitive architectures will entail the development of larger language processing systems than is currently typical in the cognitive modeling community. Further, the prospects for the development of language processing systems that can be used in other cognitive modeling research is also of interest. For example, the development of a language processing system capable of reading experiment instructions and allowing a cognitive model to perform an experiment without building in such capabilities. More generally, the capability of a cognitive model to learn by reading text or hearing spoken input is of interest. And the development of language-enabled software agents that exhibit human-like behavior (including language behavior) is also of interest.

Examples of existing research efforts that motivate the SIG include:

Jerry Ball (Jerry.Ball@mesa.afmc.af.mil)
Bruno Emond (bruno.emond@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca)
Kevin Gluck (Kevin.Gluck@mesa.afmc.af.mil)
Deryle Lonsdale (lonz@byu.edu)