Submission deadlines

Revised versions of papers and abstracts should be sent to the Organizing Committee within March 1st.

Submission categories

Papers: scientific contribution ranging in length from 4 to a maximum of 6 pages.
Abstracts: short scientific contribution (up to 2 pages).

Accepted papers and abstracts will appear in the conference proceedings.

Submission Formats

All submissions must be camera-ready pdf files named in the format "firstAuthorName.pdf". The files should be readable by a standard Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or superior), and must be editable by people other than the author. Special non-standard fonts must be included within the submitted file.

For your convenience, there are files for Microsoft Word and LaTeX that you can use as templates.

To see what these look like, here are PDF versions of the paper format and the abstract format. If you need instructions on converting files to PDF, please look here.

Page length:
Submitted papers can be from 4 up to 6 pages long. Papers accepted for publication will appear in the proceedings, and will either be presented as a talk or as a poster at the conference. Abstracts are 2 pages long and will be presented only as a poster. Please note: As an issue of fairness, submissions that are over these lengths will be rejected without review. Similarly, submission files that are not readable or editable will be rejected without review.

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Conference Program

22 Mar 2006 - The conference program is available online.

Talks info

22 Mar 2006 - Talks will last 20 minutes (including 3 minutes of question time). Speakers are supposed to use their laptops for slide presentations. Some Windows boxes will however be available to people not using their own machines. An overhead projector will be available for low-tech lovers.

On-site registration

22 Mar 2006 - Please note that no credit cards are accepted in case of on-site registration

Info about posters dimensions

1 Mar 2006 - Posters should have a portrait layout with maximum dimensions of 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).

How to reach us

22 Feb 2006 - Info on how to reach Trieste and the Congress Center has been added to the Venue page.