Welcome to Manchester and the 9th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling. We hope you find the next three days enjoyable and stimulating. This year's conference attracted a large number of high quality submissions on a wide range of topics, making the task of categorising submissions into talks and posters extremely difficult for the program committee. After two days of intense deliberation, we settled on a program of 24 talks and 73 posters. However there was a class of submissions that we thought were of sufficient quality that, if the schedule had permitted, could also have been accepted as talks. To acknowledge this fact we have decided to allocate time before the two poster sessions for the authors of these distinguished posters to speak briefly and introduce their work.

In addition to the talk and poster sessions, this year's conference also features invited talks by three leading figures in the cognitive modelling community: Nick Chater, Dario Salvucci, and Lael Schooler, and two symposia. As usual, the conference is preceded by a number of tutorials on different approaches to cognitive modeling. All in all, we believe that this year's conference presents a strong program of research that reflects a growing, vibrant international cognitive modelling community. We hope that after participating in the conference you agree with this assessment.

The efforts of many people have gone into producing this conference. The chairs wish to thank the three invited speakers, Frank Ritter for organising the tutorials, the many reviewers for their invaluable comments on the submissions and the universities of Manchester, Huddersfield and Birkbeck, University of London for their financial and administrative support. In addition, we wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this conference:

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Andrew Howes, David Peebles and Rick Cooper