Call for Papers

The ICCM2016 Call for Papers is available for download.

Deadline & Submitting

All paper, poster, symposium, and tutorial submissions are due on 8 April Tue, 12 April 2016, 5pm EST. They should be submitted via our online submission system:


There are three types of regular submissions:

Papers: refereed papers of up to 6 pages. If a submission is accepted to be published as a paper, the paper will be presented at the conference either as a talk or as a poster.

Posters: refereed poster abstracts of up to 2 pages. If accepted, the corresponding poster will be presented at the conference in a dedicated poster session.

Symposia: refereed symposia abstracts of up to 2 pages. If accepted, the conference committee will contact the authors to help organize and schedule the symposium. A symposium submission should consist of an introduction to the topic of the symposium and a brief description of the speakers. Symposia have a maximum duration of 90 minutes, but can also be shorter.

Notification of acceptance will be issued by 6 May 13 May 2016.


See above for the length of papers.
Pages must be sized 8.5 x 11 inches, with NO headers/footers and NO page numbers. Please name the submission file in this format: “authorname_submissiondate.pdf” (e.g., Smith_04_23_10.pdf). If there are any special fonts required (Korean, Japanese, etc), these must be included with the submission. Each submission must be in PDF format.

Below are files that must be used as templates for submission (the same formats as used by the Cognitive Science Society conference); please do not edit the margins or font settings of these files.

Paper submissions:

Microsoft Word (includes a .doc sample, a .dot template, and a PDF of the sample file. You must submit a PDF.)
LaTeX (includes sample .bst, .sty, .bib files as well as a sample .tex file and a PDF of the sample file)

Poster and Symposium submissions:
Note: The templates and sample papers mention a one-page limit for posters and symposia, this is incorrect. The limit is two pages.
Microsoft Word (includes a .doc sample, a .dot template, and a pdf of the sample file)
LaTeX (includes sample .bst, .sty, .bib files as well as a sample .tex file and a .pdf of the sample file)



Finally, the day before the conference (August 3, 2016) will be devoted to tutorials on various cognitive modeling techniques and approaches. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a tutorial or a workshop, please see the tutorial page for more information.

Tutorial proposals will be evaluated by the organising committee on the basis of their estimated benefit for prospective participants and on their fit within the tutorials program as a whole. If you are interested in organising a tutorial, please send us an email at by 8 Apr 2016 with the following information:

  1. a 150 word description of the tutorial
  2. duration (half-day or full-day)
  3. who the tutors will be
  4. any pre-requisites that participants need to follow the tutorial

We will notify you of acceptance or rejection by 1 May 2016.