The Tutorial and Workshop program of ICCM will be held on AugustĀ 3, 2016. It will provide conference participants with the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge, and skills from a broad range of areas in the field of cognitive modeling. Tutorial topics will be presented in a taught format and are likely to range from practical guidelines to theoretical issues or software. Workshops give an opportunity for in-depth discussion on a specific topic important for cognitive modeling. Tutorials at ICCM have been held many times before, and this year’s program will be modelled after them and after the series held at the Cognitive Science Conference; please see previous years for examples (2013, 2012).

Duration: Each tutorial or workshop is designed to be a half-day or full-day in duration. Half-day tutorials/workshops are about 3 hours long (not including breaks). Full day tutorials/workshops are about 6 hours long (not including breaks).

Tutorial participants: Tutorial participants will either be doing cognitive modeling or be interested in learning more. They will be looking for insights into their own areas and summaries of other areas providing tools, techniques, and results to use in their own teaching and research. Most tutorials should be at the introductory graduate school level or slightly higher. That is, the tutorials should be accessible to postgraduate students, but should assume a first degree in one of the cognitive sciences.

Submission and Review Process: Details forthcoming.