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Poster Schedule

Friday, July 12: 5:30-7:00

Arslan, Burcu Modeling Developmental Transitions in Reasoning about False Beliefs of Others
Ball, Jerry Modeling the Binding of Implicit Arguments in Complement Clauses in ACT-R/Double-R
Bennati, Stefano Modelling Spatial Relations' Influence on Planning
Bouchaala, Lobna Evaluation of implicit score and K2 algorithm using Structural hamming distance
Breault, Vincent SOILIE: A Computational Model of 2D Visual Imagination
Chen, Xiuli A Study of the Effect of Individual Experience and Variance on Optimal Information Sampling
Chowdhury, Wahida Take it or leave it: Cognitive rules and satisfying choices.
Cousineau, Denis Affine Transforms on Probabilistic Representations of Prototypes
DeWolf, Travis A neural model of the development of expertise
Hadfi, Rafik Cognition as a Game of Complexity
Jastrzembski, Tiffany Neurobiological Extensions to a Mathematical Model for Performance Enhancement Observed under Conditions of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
Jeanson, Francis Memory Control in a FitzHugh-Nagumo Network via STDP
Kadlec, Rudolf DyBaNeM: Bayesian Framework for Episodic Memory Modelling
Kurup, Unmesh A Hybrid Model for Execution Monitoring in Autonomous Agents
Li, Justin The Computational Problem of Prospective Memory Retrieval
Lindner, Stefan Modeling of expectations and surprise in ACT-R
Martensen, Brett Perceptra: A New Approach to Pattern Classification Using a Growing Network of Binary Neurons (Binons)
Meijering, Ben Reasoning about mental states in sequential games: As simple as possible, as complex as necessary
Mewhort, Douglas Control processes in free recall
Moeller, Korbinian Cognitive Control in Number Processing: A Computational Model
Moore, Larry The Impact of Sleep Loss on Time Estimation: Reconciling Conflicting Results through Modeling
Nijboer, Menno Predicting Interference in Concurrent Multitasking
Ouellet, Sebastien Using Prepositions To Describe Three-Dimensional Scenes: A Model of Spatial Relation Apprehension and Interference
Perelman, Brandon A Neurocomputational Approach to Modeling Human Behavior in Simulated Unmanned Aerial Search Tasks
Raschke, Michael A Framework for Simulating Visual Search Strategies
Smieszek, Hardy Cognitive Simulation of Limited Working Memory Capacity Applied to an Air Traffic Control Task
Somers, Sterling Steering Control in a Flight Simulator Using ACT-R
Szymanik, Jakub Automata and Complexity in Multiple-Quantifier Sentence Verification
Tamborello, Frank A Long-Term Memory Competitive Process Model of a Common Procedural Error, Part II: Working Memory Load and Capacity
Valenti, Andrew A computational model of bilingual inhibitory control in a lexical decision task
Vempala, Naresh Exploring cognitivist and emotivist positions of musical emotion using neural network models
Vertolli, Michael Visual Imagination in Context: Retrieving a Coherent Set of Labels with Coherencer
Wortelen, Bertram Simulating Attention Distribution of a Driver Model: How to Relate Expectancy and Task Value?

Saturday, July 13: 5:30-7:00

Amjadian, Ehsan Theoretical Basis of a Context-Based Language Model for Semantic Classification
Barry, Kevin Forcing Strategy Uniformity with Utility Manipulation: A Computational Model
Costello, Jacob Evolution of Response Time Distribution in Menu Search
Dancy, Christopher Towards Adding Bottom-Up Homeostatic Affect to ACT-R
Dupuis, Brian Differentiating Models of Associative Learning: Reorientation, Superconditioning, and the Role of Inhibition
Dutt, Varun Cyber Situation Awareness: Modelling the Effects of Similarity and Scenarios on Cyber Attack Detection
Dutt, Varun Cyber Situation Awareness: Rational Methods versus Instance-Based Learning Theory for Cyber Threat Detection
Dutt, Varun Cyber Security: Evaluating the Effects of Attack Strategy and Base Rate through Instance-Based Learning
Gallagher, Melissa The Devil is in the Distribution: Refining an ACT-R model of a Continuous Motor Task
Greene, Kristen Initial ACT-R Extensions for User Modeling in the Mobile Touchscreen Domain
Hope, Ryan Connecting ACT-R to the World with JSON over TCP
Joseph, Paul “Triune” autonomous agent with affect
Juvina, Ion When to apply brain stimulation to achieve learning acceleration
Kennedy, William Towards Modeling Trust Behavior
Kwok, Kam SAME: An ACT-R Spreading Activation Modeling Environment
Leibovitz, David Pierre Dendritic+ Processing in an Emergic Network Model of Narrow Slit Viewing
Limerick, Hannah A Preliminary Study in Modeling Bilateral Components of Attention
Lohmeier, Sebastian Issues in Implementing Three-Level Semantics with ACT-R
Lonsdale, Deryle Semantic memory for syntactic disambiguation
Madl, Tamas Spatial Working Memory in the LIDA Cognitive Architecture
Oltramari, Alessandro Modeling Strategic Dynamics Under Alternative Information Conditions
Pyke, Aryn For Recognition Memory Number of Cue Elements and their Fans Interact: Incomplete Cues can be as Effective as Complete Cues
Reitter, David Risk-Seeking in a Continuous Game of Timing
Schellinck, Jen Cognitive models: Understanding their critical role as explanatory and predictive hypothesis generators in cognition research
Schoelles, Mike Speculations on Model Tracing for Visual Analytics
Somers, Sterling High level Representations of 3D Models of Buildings
Stanley, Clayton Predicting Tags for StackOverflow Posts
Tremblay, Christophe Bidirectional Associative Memory and Learning of Nonlinearly Separable Tasks
Walsh, Matthew Robustness: Quantification and Application
West, Robert The Macro Architecture Hypothesis: Applications to Modeling Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, and Literary Analysis
Zhang, Yunfeng Estimating Visual Acuity Function Parameters by Using an Evolutionary Algorithm to Trace Fixation Scanpaths