ICCM 2007 July 27 - 29, 2007 Tutorials July 26

8th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling ... Ann Arbor, Michigan

 Conference Program

8:00 AM   Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:45 AM   Welcome & Opening
9:00 AM   Invited speaker:  Marcel Just                                               The 4CAPS Neuro-Architecture of Complex Cognition:  A Theory Driven  by fMRI Findings
Session 1:  Basic Mechanisms
10:00 AM   Accounting for Subliminal Priming in ACT-R                       Leendert Van Maanen and Hedderik Van Rijn
10:20 AM   How Readers Retrieve Referents for Nouns in Real Time:
A Memory-based Model of Context Effects on Referent Accessibility Aryn Pyke, Robert West and JoAnne LeFevre
10:40 AM   BREAK
11:10 AM   A model of parallel time estimation                                  Hedderik van Rijn & Niels Taatgen
11:30 AM   A Control Perspective on Imaginal Perspective Taking           Holger Schultheis 
11:50 AM   Towards Incorporating Visual Imagery into a Cognitive Architecture Scott Lathrop & John Laird
Session 2:  Methodology & Applications
2:00 PM   Evaluating the Performance of Optimizing Constraint Satisfaction  Techniques for Cognitive Constraint Modeling                           Alina Chu, Richard Lewis and Andrew Howes
2:20 PM   Optimizing Knowledge Component Learning Using a Dynamic Structural Model of Practice                                                   Philip Pavlik Jr., Nora Presson and Kenneth Koedinger
2:40 PM   Creating Cognitive Models from Activity Analysis: A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Car Driver Modeling Olivier Georgeon, Matthias Henning, Thierry Bellet and Alain Mille 
3:00 PM   BREAK
3:30 PM   Comparing Modeling Idioms in ACT-R and Soar                Randolph Jones, Christian Lebiere  and Jacob Crossman
3:50 PM   Dynamic Spatial Reasoning Capability in a Graphical Interface Evaluation Tool  Michael Matessa, Rick Archer and Rebecca Mui
4:10 PM   BREAK
  Round-trip transportation provided
9:00 AM   Invited speaker: Neil Burgess                                              What the hippocampus tells us about spatial cognition
Session 3:  Adaptive Control
10:00 AM   Learning to Control a Dynamic Task: A System Dynamics Cognitive Model of the Slope Effect                                      Cleotilde Gonzalez and Varun Dutt
10:20 AM

  Instance-Based Decision Making Model of Repeated Binary Choice                                                                              Christian Lebiere, Cleotilde Gonzalez and Michael Martin

10:40 AM   BREAK
11:10 AM   Modeling Control Strategies in the N-Back Task                        Ion Juvina and Niels Taatgen
11:30 AM   ACT-R Models of Cognitive Control in the Abstract Decision Making Task                                                                          Daniel Dickison and Niels Taatgen 
11:50 AM   The Importance of Action History in Decision Making and Reinforcement Learning                                                         Yongjia Wang and John Laird
12:10 PM   Attentional Blink: An Internal Traffic Jam?                                 Niels Taatgen, Ion Juvina, Seth Herd, David Jilk and Sander Martens
2:00 PM   INVITED PANEL DISCUSSION:  How can brain imaging and cognitive modeling better inform each other?                      John Anderson, Neil Burgess, Thad Polk, Walt Schneider, Daniel Weissman, Marcel Just, David Meyer
3:30 PM   BREAK
Session 4:   Learning & Memory
4:00 PM   Category Development and Reorganization Using a Bidirectional Associative Memory-inspired Architecture                                  Gyslain Giguère, Sylvain Chartier, Robert Proulx and Jean-Marc Lina
4:20 PM   The Emergence of Semantic Topography in a Neurally-Inspired Computational Model                                                                   Lee Newman and Thad Polk
4:40 PM   Simulating the Noun-verb Asymetry in the Productivity of Children’s Speech                                                                                   Daniel Freudenthal, Julian Pine and Fernand Gobet 
5:00 PM   Structural Transfer of Cognitive Skills                                     Dongkyu Choi, Tolga Konik, Negin Nejati, Chunki Park and Pat Langley
9:00 AM   Invited speaker:  Walt Schneider                                         The Cognitive Control and Representation Systems of the Human Brain:   Producing the Synergy of Symbolic and Connectionist Processing
10:00 AM   BREAK
Session 5:  Multitasking
10:30 AM

   Dialing while driving? A bounded rational analysis of  
concurrent multi-task behavior.                                          
 Duncan Brumby, Dario Salvucci  and Andrew Howes

10:50 AM   From 1000ms to 650ms: Why Interleaving, Soft Constraints, and Milliseconds Matter                                                                Bella Veksler, Wayne Gray and Michael Schoelles
11:10 AM   The Costs of Multitasking in Threaded Cognition                    Jelmer Borst and Niels Taatgen
11:30 AM   What to Where: Goal Memory Needs Spatial Memory                Michel Brudzinski, Raj Ratwani and Gregory Trafton
Session 6:  Multiagent Interaction
1:30 PM   Learning Cognitive Load Models for Developing Team Shared Mental Models                                                                       Xiaocong Fan, Po-Chun Chen and John Yen
1:50 PM   Effect of Communication on the Distribution of False Social Beliefs M. Afzal Upal and Ravikanth Sama
2:10 PM   Using Reflective Learning to Master Opponent Strategy in Competitive Environments                                                        Mark Cohen, Frank Ritter and Steven Haynes
2:40 PM   END OF CONFERENCE                           SAFE TRAVELS !

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