Best Papers

The Allen Newell Award – named in recognition of one of the founders of the field of cognitive modeling – is given for the best full paper with a student as first author.

The conference also notes a number of outstanding papers.

The winner of ICCM 2016's Allen Newell Award was selected by the international program committee and the conference and program chairs.

Allen Newell Award

The 2016 Allen Newell Award for Best Student-Led Paper at ICCM was won by:

Duggins, P., Stewart, T. C., Choo, X., & Eliasmith, C.
Effects of guanfacine and phenylephrine on a spiking neuron model of working memory.

Honorable Mentions

Stojic, H., Olsson, H., & Analytis, P. P.
Explaining inter-individual variability in strategy selection: A cue weight learning approach.

Khosroshahi, E., Salvucci, D., Veksler, B., & Gunzelmann, G.
Capturing the effects of moderate fatigue on driver performance.

Lindes, P., & Laird, J. E.
Toward integrating cognitive linguistics and cognitive language processing.

Parker, D., & Lantz, D.
Encoding and accessing linguistic representations in a dynamically structured holographic memory system.