Session 1
July 20 Videos available for viewing
July 22 Q&A Session 12:00-13:00EDT
  • Stefan Tomov Radev, Andreas Voss, Eva Marie Wieschen, Paul-Christian Bürkner
    Amortized Bayesian Inference for Models of Cognition (paper)
  • Emilie Elizabeth Caron, Terrence C. Stewart
    A Distributed Spiking Neuron Model of Attention in the Stroop Task (paper)
  • L.Alexandra Martinez-Rodriguez, Elaine A. Corbett, Redmond G. O'Connell, Simon P. Kelly
    Neurally-informed modelling of static and dynamic decision biases (paper)
  • Edward Andrew Cranford, Sterling Somers, Konstantinos Mitsopoulos, Christian Lebiere
    Cognitive Saliency of Features in Cyber-attacker Decision Making (paper)
  • Andreas Stöckel, Terrence C. Stewart, Chris Eliasmith
    Connecting Biological Detail with Neural Computation: Application to the Cerebellar Granule-Golgi Microcircuit (paper)
    Session 2
    July 21 Videos available for viewing
    July 23 Q&A Session 12:00-13:00EDT
  • Dario D. Salvucci
    Interactive Grounding and Inference in Instruction Following (paper)
  • Bella Z. Veksler, Megan B. Morris, Michael A. Krusmark, Glenn Gunzelmann
    Integrated Model of Fatigue and C-17 Approach and Landing Operations (paper)
  • Catherine Sibert, Wayne Gray
    The Need for Speed: Effects of Human Derived Time Constraints on Performance and Strategy in Machine Models of Tetris (paper)
  • Leslie Blaha, Christian Lebiere, Corey Fallon, Brett Jefferson
    Cognitive Mechanisms for Calibrating Trust and Reliance on Automation (paper)
  • Sterling Somers, Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere
    Cognitive Twin: A Personal Assistant Embedded in a Cognitive Architecture(paper)
    Session 3
    July 22 Videos available for viewing
    July 24 Q&A Session 12:00-13:00EDT
  • Pierre Giovanni Gianferrara, Shawn Betts, John Robert Anderson
    Time-related Effects of Speed on Motor Skill Acquisition (paper)
  • Kazuma Nagashima, Junya Morita, Yugo Takeuchi
    Modeling intrinsic motivation in ACT-R: Focusing on the relation between pattern matching and intellectual curiosity (paper)
  • Anthony Harrison
    An Imperative Alternative to Productions for ACT-R (paper)
  • Michael Collins, Caitlin Tenison, Kevin Gluck, John Anderson
    Detecting Learning Phases to Improve Performance Prediction (paper)
    Poster Session
    July 24-25 Videos available for viewing and discussion
  • Soumya Agrawal, Julia Taylor Rayz
    Joke Recommender System Using Humor Theory (paper)
  • Sophie-Anne Helen Baker, Thom Griffith, Nathan Lepora, Giovanni Pezzulo
    Decision making as a closed-loop process (paper)
  • Sophie-Anne Helen Baker, Thom Griffith, Nathan Lepora
    Degenerate Optimal Boundaries for Multiple-Alternative Decision Making (paper)
  • Daniel Brand, Nicolas Oliver Riesterer, Marco Ragni
    Extending TransSet: An Individualized Model for Human Syllogistic Reasoning (paper)
  • Kinsey Antonina Church, Matt Ross, Sylvain Chartier
    Using a Bidirectional Associative Memory and Feature Extraction to model Nonlinear Exploitation Problems (paper)
  • Joshua Engels, Xianni Wang, Michael Byrne
    Missed One! How Ballot Layout and Visual Task Strategy Can Interact to Produce Voting Errors (paper)
  • Emily E Greve, Elisabeth Reid, Robert L West
    Does ACT-R Model Me? (paper)
  • Thomas Steven Highstead, Robert West, Jennifer Schellinck, Babak Esfandiari
    Ethical Test Driven Development: A Design Process for Building Ethical Agents (paper)
  • Kazuki Itabashi, Junya Morita, Takatsugu Hirayama, Kenji Mase, Kazunori Yamada
    Interactive Model-based Reminiscence Using a Cognitive Model and Physiological Indices (paper)
  • Jana B Jarecki, Florian Seitz
    Cognitivemodels: An R Package for Formal Cognitive Modeling (paper)
  • Yang Ji, Jacolien van Rij, Niels A. Taatgen
    Cognitive Flexibility in Cognitive Architecture: Simulating using Contextual Learning in PRIMs (paper)
  • Peiying Jian, Terrence C. Stewart, Mary C. Olmstead
    Implementing Incentive Sensitization Theory of Addiction with Nengo NeuralNetwork Simulator (paper)
  • Pallavi Kaushik, Marieke van Vugt, Partha Pratim Roy
    Decoding the Mental States of Focus and Distraction in a Real Life Setting of Tibetan Monastic Debates Using EEG and Machine Learning (paper)
  • Sean Kugele, Stan Franklin
    A Study in Activation: Towards a Common Lexicon and Functional Taxonomy in Cognitive Architectures (paper)
  • Jeungmin Lee, Jerald D. Kralik, Jaeseung Jeong
    Computational Modeling of Human Social Intelligence and Communication (paper)
  • Aarti Malhotra, Terrence C. Stewart, Jesse Hoey
    A Biologically-Inspired Neural Implementation of Affect Control Theory (paper)
  • Tyler James Malloy, Chris R. Sims
    Modelling Human Information Processing Limitations in Learning Tasks with Reinforcement Learning (paper)
  • Jumpei Nishikawa, Junya Morita
    The Cognitive Modeling of Errors During the Japanese Phonological Awareness Formation Process (paper)
  • Soujanya Pathi, Prakash Mondal
    A Cognitive Model of Sound Representations in Children with Speech Sound Disorders (paper)
  • Chad A. Peters, Babak Esfandiari, Robert L. West
    Characterizing Human vs Machine Gameplay in StarCraft II (paper)
  • Russell Richie, Steven Verheyen
    Using cross-validation to determine dimensionality in multidimensional scaling (paper)
  • Stefan Riegl, Marieke van Vugt
    A Computational Cognitive Model of Reasoning in Tibetan Buddhist Monastic Debate (paper)
  • Nicolas Oliver Riesterer, Daniel Brand, Marco Ragni
    Feedback Influences Syllogistic Strategy: An Analysis based on Joint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (paper)
  • Frank E Ritter, Ashley F. McDermott
    The Effect of Task Fidelity on Learning Curves (paper)
  • David M. Schwartz, Farnaz Tehranchi, Frank E. Ritter
    Drive the Bus: Extending JSegMan to Drive a Virtual Long-Range Bus (paper)
  • Roderick Yang Terng Seow, John Robert Anderson
    Establishing a paradigm to investigate strategy use in complex skills (paper)
  • Neha Sharma, Shashank Uttrani, Varun Dutt
    Modeling the Absence of Framing Effect in an Experience-based Covid-19 Disease Problem (paper)
  • Rabea Turon, Paulina Friemann, Terrence C. Stewart, Marco Ragni
    Re-Implementing a Dynamic Field Theory Model of Mental Maps using Python and Nengo (paper)
  • Yuxue Yang, Don Morrison, Andrea Stocco, Mark Orr, Christian Lebiere
    An Expanded Set of Declarative Memory Functionalities in PyACTUp, a Python Implementation of ACT-UP's Accountable Modeling (paper)
    Session 4
    July 23 Videos available for viewing
    July 27 Q&A Session 12:00-13:00EDT
  • Adrian Brasoveanu, Jakub Dotlacil
    Reinforcement Learning for Production-based Cognitive Models (paper)
  • Marco Ragni, Francine Wagner, Sara Todorovikj
    The Power of Nonmonotonic Logics to Predict the Individual Reasoner (paper)
  • Thuy Ngoc Nguyen, Cleotilde Gonzalez
    Effects of Decision Complexity in Goal-seeking Gridworlds: A Comparison of Instance-Based Learning and Reinforcement Learning Agents (paper)
  • Theodros Haile, Chantel Prat, Andrea Stocco
    One Size Doesn't Fit All: Idiographic Computational Models Reveal Individual Differences in Learning and Meta-Learning Strategies (paper)
    Session 5
    July 24 Videos available for viewing
    July 28 Q&A Session 12:00-13:00EDT
  • Yung Han Khoe, Chara Tsoukala, Gerrit Jan Kootstra, Stefan Frank
    Modeling cross-language structural priming in sentence production (paper)
  • Petra Wenzl, Holger Schultheis
    What Everyday Activities Reveal About Spatial Representation and Planning Depth (paper)
  • Caitlin Tenison, Burcu Arslan
    Characterizing Pause Behaviors in a Science Inquiry Task (paper)
  • Briana M. Smith, Madison Chiu, Cher Yang, Catherine Sibert, Andrea Stocco
    Modeling the Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress on Hippocampal Volume (paper)
  • Stephen Jones
    A grammatically robust cognitive mode of English and Korean sentence processing (paper)